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    ADHD Counselling/Coaching for Adults

    ADHD can be both a challenge and a unique blessing!

    Individuals with ADHD often have an ability to think outside of the box and to exercise tremendous creativity. These abilities can get pushed into the background in the face of everyday challenges with executive functioning skills like planning, organization and task completion.  Lost keys, unfinished projects and …. lost keys AGAIN, typify some of the issues that can create frustrations for adults with ADHD but also for their loved ones.

    Sometimes when ADHD has gone undiagnosed and unaddressed it leaves people with relationship issues, feelings of inadequacy and a sense of wondering why things just don’t come together in the way that they do for other people.

    It is possible to chart a way forward by taking time to look at your life goals (immediate and long term) and to work together to figure out strategies and build up skills and strengths that can work.

    Contact me for a free consultation to find out how I might be able help with your unique situation!